Didriksons HiVis Safety Waterproof Cape

Didriksons HiVis Safety Waterproof Cape

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* Dry Level 2. Dry-2, all seams taped. The Dry Level communicates the water column of the waterproof fabric and is only used in fully seam sealed Storm System garments.

* Heat Level 6. 3/4 Length body cover. Waterproof (all seams taped). Windproof. The Heat Level stands for the garments ability to protect you against low temperatures. A high level number has a better ability to isolate the heat and keep your body warm then a low level number. What effects the level is the garments insulation volume, if it's waterproof and/or windproof and how much of your body the garment covers

* Function Level 4. Adjustable hood: The hood size is adjustable. Chin guard: To avoid skin irritation from the sometimes rough zipper a chin guard protects you. The hood is detachable.

* Shell 100% Polyester Weave 2layer