MSA Cup Affinity P2 + Valve Filter - Box

MSA Cup Affinity P2 + Valve Filter - Box


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Protects against most penetrating solid and liquid aerosol particles, depending on which class of filter issued.

The specially selected filter media provides excellent efficiency and enhanced durability.

The cost-effective unit also comes in a special odor-removal version that offer relief from low concentration levels of acid gases (including HF).

* Lightweight and comfortable

* Snug fit, Smooth material

* Sealed tabs (no staples and no additional plastic parts)

* Optional exhalation valve

* Valve colour coding for quick identification

* Thin and light material for comfortable fit

* Universal size for easy selection and less inventory

* High filter media quality provides 5 years storage life

* Dolomite-tested mask for use in high dust environments

Contractor, Industrial, Mining, Utilities
Asbestos Abatement, Building Protection, Painting, Sanding & Grinding, Welding