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Jindabyne under a blanket of snow

With 40cm of powder falling in Perisher last night, a few males were missing from work today, taking advantage of the new powder.

Early this afternoon, heavy snow fell in Jindabyne and around 2.30pm the cold blast, reached Cooma and other towns scattered across the Monaro.  So nice to be inside working on days like today, I don't envy those poor fellows who have to work outside, whether its' under a car or up an electricity pole, I trust you have all your warm clothes on today.  If you need anything quickly, do ring our 1800 number or order online, and we will send to you with urgency.  Things that come to mind, are our Ninja Ice thermal gloves, these are just fabulous, providing excellent warmth even if wet, but still allowing you to work with fine detail.  Other area's that feel the cold, are your feet, don't forget to consider our new CAT waterproof, thinsulated workboots, selling well with excellent feedback and top them, with a pair of our Merino Tread Wool socks.  Avoid cotton in winter, great for summer, but a no, no in the winter when working outside.  If I can help at all, call me, Angela on our 1800 number, here to serve you.

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