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2Mtr Single Leg Lanyard with Triple Action Karabiner

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Size: One Size


  • Workman Energy-absorbing single leg lanyard webbing 2m adjustable. Tear-tape design to keep average fall arrest forces below 900 lbs/6kN

  • The energy absorber not only limits force on the body in a fall, but also on the anchor location, The shock absorber includes a clear, durable protective cover over the labels to increase service life and allow for easy inspection

  • *  Triple action karabiner- Triple action karabiner anchorage

  • *  2.0m Adjustable Karabiner (Tri Action - Stl) - Karabiner (Tri Action - Stl)

    *  Webbing: Yes

    *  Single Leg: Yes

    *  Adjustable: Yes

    *  Harness Attachment: Karabiner (Tri Action - Stl)

    *  Anchorage Attachment: Karabiner (Triple Action - Stl)

    *  AS/NZS 1891.1

    Pickup available at 40 Bombala St., Cooma 2630

    Usually ready in 2-4 days

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