MSA 500mm Ballantyne T-Bar Tether Plate

MSA 500mm Ballantyne T-Bar Tether Plate


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T-Bar Tether Plate, 500mm

The T-Bar anchor is to be used on roofs constructed with metal sheeting with a minimum base metal thickness of 0.42 mm

To be installed on the opposite side of the roof from where the user is working

Direct connection of personal fall arrest rated equipment for a single person

The anchor is designed and tested to 15kN and is therefore rated as a single person fall arrest anchor under AS/NZS 1891.4:2009

The Tether Plates (Claw) are available in two sizes - 280mm and 500mm.

The Tether Plates act as a diversion point when using a restraint lanyard and also eliminates the pendulum effect (swing during fall), when installed and used correctly

Can be used as a standalone anchor point on metal roof sheeting