Oliver AT's 150mm Side Zip Safety Boot

Oliver AT's 150mm Side Zip Safety Boot

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Oliver's new work boot may be lightweight, but it packs a punch with heavyweight protection. In fact, it's the lightest ever at 55 series work boot and it's loaded with the latest technology and innovation.

* Lightweight sole with self-cleaning tread profile, Oliver COOLstep® plush satin feel lining and built in SOFTstride® comfort system

* Water resistant leather Oliver COOLstep® lining to absorb moisture and odour for optimum freshness and hygiene

* Type 1 Steel toe cap offers protection against drop and crush injuries. Developed to withstand a force of 200 joules

* Anti-Static Deep tread profile with self-cleaning design

* Sole is heat resistant to 300º Celcius or 572º Fahrenheit. Ideal for extreme, harsh and high surface heat working environments.

* Sole has excellent slip resistance and is resistant to organic oils and fats

* Sole is resistant to most mineral oils, acids and alkaline. Excellent for general industrial working conditions.

* High density, hard wearing out sole provides superior abrasion resistance

* Provides superior cushioning and shock absorption

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